Experience Counts!

“It is vitally important to have the best qualified person lead the Oklahoma County Court Clerk’s office. After having served as Chief Deputy in this office for more than 15 years, I am the most qualified to continue our record of service to the citizens of Oklahoma County. I have years of experience in every area of Court Clerk duties and experience counts.”

Outstanding Results…

“I am very proud of our record of service and innovation. We were first to provide online images of court documents, as well as electronic filing. We have generated $70 million that taxpayers did not have to pay by establishing the first ever fines and costs collections department. I have a proven record of integrity, efficiency and fiscal responsibility in the Court Clerk’s Office. Our workload has increased about 75% in the past 15 years, yet we have the same number of employees today as in 1997. We have actually been able to decrease our operating budgets in recent years.”


“The Court Clerk’s office is a vital county office which partners with dozens of state, federal and local agencies. Our primary mission is providing support to the courts. Equally important is keeping the public’s access to court records readily available and absolutely transparent. Our reputation in these areas is unsurpassed.”

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